Bird Life at Pry House Farm, Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales

Open wide!

We have a multitude of wild birds to observe and entertain us at Pry House Farm. In addition to the annual migration of ground nesting birds that come to breed by the river and in the sheltered pastures that surround the farm, swallows and house martins also return each year. The low wooden beams and stone lintels in the original farm buildings near the house make perfect nesting sites for these acrobatic little birds.

Bad weather can hamper the parenting of hatchlings. Driving rain makes it difficult for the parent birds to gather food for hungry mouths. Strong winds buffer and bash the adult birds as they adjust their approach to an open doorway to gain access to the nest.

The swallow’s nests are always the easiest to find. The adult bird’s acrobatics and constant swooping and gliding into buildings tends to give the game away. Other nesting places are more difficult to spot. The to-ing and fro-ing of parent birds with beakfuls of insects & grubs are a bit of a give-away. This year we have thrush, blackbird, starling, goldfinch, wagtails and a tiny wren. All busy sitting on eggs, feeding their broods or giving flying lessons.

Do you have a favourite?