Swaledale – friendly folk and smiley dogs

Good morning!  Hello! Lovely Day!


In the Yorkshire Dales you will find we are a friendly bunch.  Even our dogs smile!

We work hard and we work long hours but there’s always time for a ‘brew’ and a chat.  And not just amongst ourselves.  At Pry House Farm B&B you are staying on a genuine working farm with a real live farmer!  We are happy to share our home and our way of life with our guests.  Chris & I will answer all the questions you have about sheep, farming and Swaledale.


Everywhere you go in Swaledale you will find the people friendly and helpful.  Local people are open and welcoming which makes the atmosphere in the dale relaxed and inviting.  So together with an abundance of fresh air, masses of space, jaw dropping scenery we can offer peace & tranquility, security and happiness.  Wellbeing in a nutshell for both mind and body.