From the Garden Gate 2

Sheep are the most inquisitive animals. This one very nearly worked out how to open the gate latch!


In spring our bird population explodes. Many different birds migrate to the upper dales to breed. Lapwing and Oyster Catchers arrive first followed by the Curlew, Snipe, Redshank and Woodcock. Generally they make their nests in the nearby pastures but forage for worms and insect on home field morning and night. They are all fascinating to watch.

We take the sheep and lambs off the meadow fields in May. This gives the grass a chance to recover from the intensive grazing its had over lambing time. With a little help from some sunshine the wild flowers suddenly appear. Its a magical to sight to see the fields turn to gold.

Our traditional wildflower meadows contain a myriad of flowers, herbs, insects and tiny mammals.