Sheep, Sheep Everywhere!

Sheep at the window.
Hmmm …. this looks like a nice bed & breakfast!

Pry House Farm is a working hill farm where we breed purebred Swaledale sheep. You never quite know where they may pop up next!

Shhhhhh ….. I’m not supposed to be in here!

It would be reasonable to assume, having such a lot of sheep to look after, that we would have enough of sheep, sheep, sheep. To the contrary, there is simply no escape!

Sheep bunting
A Swaledale ewe cleverly modelled from an old tin can.
Getting out and about on your baa-cycle!

How many sheep will you find on your visit to Pry House Farm B&B? And after a day in the great outdoors, under our huge skies, breathing in our crisp fresh air you will sleep long and sound in our very comfortable beds. No need to count sheep after all!